BREADS - hand made

We offer many varieties of bread made fresh daily and daily we run out early. Our artisan breads, made with our original recipes, have been a staple of our bakery since we started in 1957. Reserve your loaf by ordering ahead at 330-745-4222.


The varieties we make are:

  • Vienna Bread: Egg Twist, Flat Bread, Large, Long French, Round, Sesame Ring, Small, Submarine, 6 ft. Submarine

  • Pan Bread: Golden Crust, Pullman white & colored, salt-free (by order)

  • Pumpernickel: Loaf, Pullman, Round

  • Whole Wheat: Loaf, Pullman 

  • Raisin Cinnamon

  • Stuffing - Plain and seasoned 

  • Bread Crumbs (not shown)



X Dinner Rolls - Red Green

How fun at your Christmas dinner! Red &/or green dinner rolls. (Order ahead.)

R Buns Sausage

SAUSAGE BUNS! Great with Al's sausages (just down the street from Hiss Bakery!)

R Hamburger Hotdog Buns

HAMBURGER & HOTDOG BUNS Handmade with flavor!

BR Vienna - assorted

VIENNA (ASSORTED) Vienna breads come in all sizes, loaf, ring, french-style.

BR Vienna - small

VIENNA Plain or with sesame seeds

BR - Subs 6'

SPECIALTY BREAD 6' FOOT SUBMARINE Build your own sub sandwiches for graduations, family get-togethers - must order ahead. Comes as loaf - you fill!

BR Egg Twist

EGG TWIST A show piece for the table. Sweeter, excellent for family dinners.

BR Round Vienna

VIENNA ROUND aka Bucket Bread is great for dips.

BR Sesame Ring

SESAME RING Great show piece for the dinner table or cutting into a wheel of sandwiches for a buffet.

BR Subs

6" SUBMARINES Great for hoagies, subs, sausages - just use your imagination.

BR Rye

RYE BREAD Great taste!

BR Pumpernickel

PUMPERNICKEL LOAF Best flavored fresh pumpernickel.

BR Round Pumpernickel

PUMPERNICKEL ROUND A favorite for spinach dips!

BR Whole Wheat

WHOLE WHEAT A favorite for those watching their white bread intake.

BR Riasin Cinnamon

RAISIN CINNAMON Breakfast has never been better than with a slice of this raisin cinnamon.

BR Golden Crust

GOLDEN CRUST A pan bread, which comes as white pullman loaf, can be colored, or salt free.

BR Color Finger

SPECIALTY BREAD Bread dyed to your event colors. Spectacular party sandwiches for weddings, graduations, special family buffets, garden clubs.

Stuffing 2 cropped

Stuffing Plain & Seasoned (available November & December)